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Stuck On You


Stuck on You is an Australian company specializing in personalized name and clothing labels as well as quality personalized gift items. Operating worldwide for over 18 years, Stuck on You is known for its quality, innovation and designs. The brand has been available in Singapore for than 10 years and is the brand leader in personalized items.


Relationship Studio


Relationship Studio Profile

We are committed to helping you excel in all areas of your personal and professional relationships with your colleagues and superiors. We adopt the 2500-years old Enneagram Approach, a personality profiling tool that is a type instrument, exhibiting nine interconnected personality types. Recognizing your personality type and that of the other party’s will help foster greater understanding for effective relationship building.

About Enneagram

It is the most powerful personality profiling tool for Self-Improvement and Relationship Building. It identifies an individual’s strength, weaknesses, blind spots, motivations and the next steps to a breakthrough.

Claude Bernard


Claude Bernard, the innovative watch manufacturer in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland, produces exquisite Swiss Made classic timepieces with a watchmaking heritage of over 40 years.

With the rising trend towards bespoke fashion with its emphasis on hand-made products, discerning consumers are now looking much more closely at the quality of craftsmanship over a mere brand name – and Claude Bernard is no exception, offering timepieces individually hand-assembled with genuine Swiss Made precision movements.

Sophistication does not need to come with a hefty price tag – Claude Bernard is a highly accessible watch that is designed for the customer with an eye for refinement. The Claude Bernard Swiss Made watch is the panacea for the soul, embodying the art of the finer things in life – quality, reliability and an undisputed elegance that only a hand-assembled Swiss Made timepiece can offer.



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Precious Lifetime Memories


Precious Lifetime Memories is a company which make miracle keepsake jewelry out from Breastmilk, Umbilical Cord, Hair, Nails, Etc. We are proud to say we are the 1st breast milk keepsake maker to be in baby fair. Not forgetting sponsorship on Cradle of Love, NTUC U Family’s Project Liquid Gold 2016, Babies Monthly Group and many more with our fantastic deal.

Up to date, we have many good reviews on our product & services on some Facebook breastfeeding group. We do wide range of product from fashion accessories to home decorations. We know how mummies feel during breastfeeding and how important it is with this unique way of bonding with your love ones. All product are hand-made and handcraft by the owner to ensure the quality and the perfection of our product. We are mostly active on our Facebook Page.

Mummy Baby Care


Mummy Baby Care specialized in pre/post-natal support for new mums, providing home visit massage services and services for baby. Sharon is a SWAS (Spa and Wellness Association of Singapore) registered Complementary Therapist (search under “mummy Baby Care” for the certificates under

Moxibustion is a very popular therapy in Singapore. It is aimed at dispelling cold, dampness, wind from the body, stimulating the flow of the qi energy channels.

Slimming Set (which helps to strengthen the function of excretion, water retention, metabolism of fat, reducing obesity with no side effects of downsizing).

Kidney Set (which helps to alleviate lower back stiffness and pain, night urine, kidney weakness, insomnia with excessive dreams and providing warming of the limbs).

Benefits include:

  • Enhancing  blood circulation, strengthening skin tissues and excretion of toxins
  • Effective in expelling wind, coldness, and dampness
  • Increases “Yang” energy and restores the body’s normal functions
  • Better immunity
  • Relieves muscle tension and pain
  • Anti-tumor, -aging, -bacterial and -viral
  • Calming the nervous system with no side effects

Tiny Babies


Tiny Babies is a fast solution to get essential preemie, tiny and newborn size clothes, welcome baby hampers for twins, diaper cakes, baby costumes, smash cake outfits, personalised gift sets in Singapore. The collections are for newborns aged 0 to 24 months and weight from 1.5kg onwards.

An online store that brings in a wide range of baby clothes imported from Europe, the clothes are specially designed for sensitive skin of babies and are safe and comfortable.

Atos Wellness


Our Vision: Making the world a better place Our Mission : Achieving Totally Outstanding Service Company Profile

Founded in 1983, The Atos Wellness has been renowned for its Avant-grade approach to new technologies and therapies and for 28 years, its innovation in creating treatments is unique and proprietary. The pride of Atos is its synergistic blend and range of the best in technology, therapies and products from UK, US, Australia, Germany, France, Spain and India. Atos specializes in the management of spas and wellness centres in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia and Europe. We provide a very wide range of services which includes facials, body treatments and wellness services for both the east and the west.

Our philosophy is to assist the individual towards bringing the body into balance, thus creating harmony from within. With this, the body is able to heal itself, naturally. Atos believe in projecting the need for harmony within one’s environment as well. This is seen in a bold, unprecedented move towards environmental- friendly skincare products that are totally paraben and chemical free. The Atos brand endorses a holistic approach to wellness that integrates the best of East and West, modern and traditional therapies which are fused innovatively with state-of- the-art technology that brings the body, mind and spirit into balance.



“Join PlayFULL community inspired to engage children 6 months – 6 years old to learn through play with monthly toy rental subscription box service!”

playFULL Box was borne from the belief that learning should be fun! We know how difficult it can be to find good educational toys for your little ones, and how expensive they can be. At playFULL, we have sourced for the best educational toys from around the globe to enhance your child’s education and learning journey without the hefty price tag.

With playFULL, you get access to a huge collection of toys for children between the ages of 6 months to 6 years. playFULL is here to support you through your child’s learning journey. With our experience, we have meticulously put together useful ideas for you to extend the mileage of each toy.